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A BIG HELLO TO EVERYONE! ( Upated on 15 july 2014)

(Swimjimmyswim will be going through a redesign soon and hope everyone will like the new website! Thank you!)

Welcome to SwimJimmySwim.com!

My name is Jimmy and I just want to say Thank You before you read more of what I have to say!

I’m quite sure the reasons why you have stumbled upon my website..

1) You are looking for a coach to learn swimming?


2) You got my name card..somehow..and you decided to check out my site?


Anyway!..Back to the topic..The purpose of setting this website up is because I enjoy what I do…which is coaching..and its time I reach out to more people..THROUGH THE INTERNET!..and…I got your attention didn’t I?

Just a little information about myself..I started coaching around 2004….so for the past 4 years I have been actively coaching both children and adults. So here comes the question, How come I didn’t setup my website back then and waited till now?

The reason is simple..for most parents who know me for the past 4 years, I have only been coaching in a swim school…A Pretty Special Swim School…so for the past 4 years..my services were only dedicated to the school..But as the saying goes..I have to learn to stand on my own two feet..and so I decided to start my own swimming classes giving learners and children alot more flexibility as compared to a swim school program.

So what’s the advantages of learning with me?

1) The swimming location is flexible and we can discuss on where is the best location for you!

2) Its the coach that makes the difference..and I believe that with my experience I gathered through this years of coaching..I will be able to serve you well in your quest to not only SWIM LIKE A FISH..but more importantly..turn it into a skill that will help you with every aspect of your life..to be healthier and be able to enjoy the swimming more than ever!

3) When it comes to fees and schedule and class size..there is a high level of flexibility and also fees will be cheaper as compared to a swim school..and you can choose how many students you want to be in your class..or your children’s class!..making learning more focused and maintaining the quality of swim strokes!

If you have any enquires please feel free to browse the other pages or you can contact me through the “Contact Me” Page.

Thank you